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Iris Eshet Cohen

The newest works of Iris Eshet Cohen, her “Colors of Life” series, are a collection of colorful acrylic paintings created in her painterly application of robust colors and linear definition of movement and texture. The paintings are manifestations of her diverse artistic skills, and the spiritual transcendence of her passion for the pure and simple. Iris always pursued with aesthetic sensitivity that clearly draws from her experience in the field of body makeup, as well as make-up for theater and television.

Iris Cohen evolved as an artist from years working in the Paris and Israel theater and film industry as a make-up and special effects artist. Inspiration comes from her extensive travels and studies of the arts throughout the continents. She completed her studies in Paris in 1987 and worked as a make-up professional manager for an international makeup company (Shiseido) based in Japan. In 1989 she opened her first art studio, combining her knowledge and experience in the cosmetics industry, with her love for sculpting clay and painting.

Iris pursued various techniques and mastered in the ceramics wheel, templates’ development, core foundation of ceramics technology and completed various studies and related techniques for manual sculpture, mosaic and paint works.

A master in many mediums, Cohen has culminated her knowledge and filled her canvases with an exciting freshness of splendorous meandering forms.

“Art does wonders for all of us and it is essential for the soul and the soul base of each and every one”, Iris Eshet Cohen.


2019 SOFA Chicago, IL

2015 – Art Expo New York

2019 Art Aspen, CO

2014 – Art Expo New York

2019 REVEAL Saratoga Springs, NY

2013 – Casa Sefarad, Israel – Madrid, Spain

2019 Art Market Hamptons, NY

2013 – Art Time Gallery, Dan Hotel, Israel

2019 Art Miami-New York

2013 – Blue Gallery, Florida, USA

2019 Artexpo New York

2013 – International Exhibition, Hivernal, Paris, France

2019 – Art Palm Beach

2012 – Salon d’Automn International Exhibition, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2019 – Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary

2012 – “Free Photoshoper” Production Exhibition Eshet a Meirov,Holon, Israel

2019 – Art Wynwood, Miami

2011 – Exhibition at the Amex, Israel

2019 – Artexpo New York

2010 – Gallery Nili, Bethlehem of Galilee, Israel

2018 – Scope Art Miami Beach

2010 – Gallery Bat Shlomo, Grenades Exhibition, Curator Ilan Segal, Israel

2018 – Art Boca Raton

2009 – “He and She”, Amid Gallery, Curator Reli Wasser, Jaffa, Israel

2018 – Art Wynwood Miami

2007 – Gallery Mali’s, Israel

2018 – Art New York

2007 – Minna Gallery, Ramat Gan, Israel

2018 – Artexpo New York

2007 – Ceramics Gallery, Israel

2017 – Red Dot-Art Spectrum Miami

2006 – Art Gallery of Rosh Pina, Curator Sigal Shafat, Israel

2017 – Art Expo New York

1998-1989 – Body Painting, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

2016 – Blue Galleries, Florida

1995 – Body Painting, Eretz Israel Museum, Israel

2016 – Art Expo New York