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Tzuki Art – Artist Biography Shay Peled is the artist behind TZUKI ART. Modest and reserved, there isn’t even a sign outside his Tel Aviv studio. He wants his art work to speak for itself without personal promotion. His creative products, hand-produced in Israel, are sold all over the world to a growing circle of admirers. Many of his items are presented as gifts to heads of states and other official bodies. In the hands of Shay, art is a tool to bring warmth into people’s lives, to make them smile, to help religion become more meaningful and integrated into the modern life-style. He views life with the eyes of a child – fresh, colorful, vibrant and always positive. For the child – today is good and tomorrow will be better. Tzuki Art reaches into that world and makes it accessible to all.

About the Tzuki Art Studio The Tzuki Art Studio produces artwork that can be described as contemporary Judaica and pop art. The artwork is easily recognizable as it stands out in its naiveté and colourfulness.

The kind of pieces that the Tzuki Art Studio produces are Hanukkah Menorahs, Shabbat Candlesticks, Hamsa Wall Hangings, Seder Plates, three-dimensional Mezuzah Cases, fun wall sculptures for kids’ rooms, sculptures representing Biblical scenes such as Noah’s ark, ornamental sculptures that can either be hung on the wall or be set down in a table, decorative pop art sculptures and much more besides. Every piece that they produce is meticulously handmade. The artwork is produced in a multi-stage process that begins with sketches, is followed by laser cutting of the metals, then coating and lastly the hand-painting in playful colours.

The Tzuki Art Studio is located in Tel Aviv and was opened several years ago by Shay Peled along with his then-partner Orna Cohen Hazam. Peled graduated from the Technion Academy Institute and worked for a decade as an interior designer. When Orna and Shay’s paths crossed they decided to join forces and so the Tzuki Art Studio was born.

Peled demonstrates his approach to art through his pieces; that is, as a tool to make people smile and to warm their hearts. Peled’s dream was to make Jewish-themed art fun and his edgy, fresh pieces appeal to people across the religious and non-religious spectrum. Peled has managed to revitalize traditional Jewish symbols, taking serious religious articles and infusing them with humor and colour. Tzuki has enjoyed much success in breaking through boundaries in Jewish communities around the world, be they secular or orthodox.

The Tzuki Art Studio currently employs fifteen painters and supports the local community by allowing various elderly organizations to use their facilities for therapeutic work.

Tzuki Art is a perfect example of contemporary Judaica art; its unique line of Judaica art manages to touch people from all over the globe from very different walks of life. A strictly observant Jew on one side of the world and a non-observant Jew on the other side of the world can both take great pleasure in the Tzuki Art pieces. This is truly a sign of a magnificent piece of art- one that can reach out and touch different people in different ways on so many levels. Tzuki Art pieces can be found in shops, boutiques, museum stores, and galleries in Israel. Blue Gallery is exclusive for Tzuki artwork in the US

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