Todd Andrew Babb

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Todd Andrew Babb was born just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania into a family of artists, inventors, and philosophers. Honing his artistic skill at a young age, Babb pursued a career as a painter soon after serving in the United States Air Force. Following his first business, Creative Artistry, where he worked with top corporations such as Dupont Corian and Walt Disney Company, Babb pursued a more conceptual modernist sculpting career in an effort to express his philosophical interpretations of the human condition. As one of the founders of the OPT (Open Positive Transference) art movement, Babb is dedicated to creating works of technical excellence and open-minded concepts that ultimately influence its spatial energy with the expectation of inspiring and generating a truly sanguine reality.

Babb is currently based in South Florida where he sketches, paints, and sculpts his contemporary figurative pieces. His works capture motion and grace through their distinctly expressive lines and patterns. Each uninhibited piece is an exploration into the evolution of humanity because of his desire for progression. Concentrating on line and form as well as detail and aesthetics, Babb’s elongated and oftentimes abstracted bodies portray this adaptation of the human spirit.

As a self-identified progressivist, Babb never attempts to change the principles of nature. On the contrary, his works harness the inevitable change of existence, which dematerializes chaotic change. His intentional illustration of the autonomous submission to change (movement in its rawest form) is meant to guide the subconscious and conscious minds of the viewers toward an informed conclusion in all situations. Progressivism in art means to see that creation itself, as an entity in constant motion, is the very foundation and essence of what it means to create. “Perhaps our greatest gift is to have a hand in the structure of creation. What we do in and with this lifetime will continue the progression of creation eternally.”

As a progressivist, Babb maintains professional affiliations with non-profits and charities he feels are particularly committed to the advancement of human rights. These include Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc., Fort Myers, a not-for-profit organization that offers housing and support for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse; the Ferd and Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Services; and the Tom Joyner Foundation, which funds Historically Black Colleges and Universities through student scholarships.

Babb’s paintings, sketches, and sculptures can be found in international private collections. His work has been exhibited with such artists as Robert Rauschenberg and HR Giger and has been displayed both nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, and fine art shows. Babb has been showing publicly in group and solo exhibits since 2002.

Todd Andrew Babb




Blue Gallery 616, Delray Beach Florida