Stacy O’Nell

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Born in 1972, Stacy O’Nell was raised as a young child in scenic Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her father’s Air Force career afforded Stacy and her family to travel extensively to exotic locations around the world, and calling home to places such as Panama and Japan. Stacy often captured the exciting sights and experiences behind a camera lens, and it instilled in Stacy the desire to make the art of photography her lifelong aspiration. Today Stacy is both a photo journalist and an art photographer who enjoys the South Florida life style along the shore of Delray Beach, Florida. It is where she has cultivated her underwater photography of refreshing and sinuous figurative images.

Stacy’s works touch us with their spontaneity and raw energy. The images are representational of the beauty within human fragility as figures are immersed in the spiritual and powerful sources of water pools and oceans. Stacy’s underwater world echoes the pure essence of tranquil pristine water so essential to our existence, yet perilous to life. Breathless movement and dazzling light lift us to another place. As Stacy has expressed, “Each time I shoot underwater I feel so free and alive. It’s like being in another world and I feel like there are no limits”.

Water is her stage for models to act, and form the elements of Stacy’s design, while her eyes and heart seize the moment of each rebirth. Every prop, and color used are thoughtful, and become the palette of her soul.

An accomplished artist, Stacy O’Nell has won “Photographer of the Year” from the Women in the Arts in Miami. Stacy is one of the most fascinating art photographers today as she presents us with a remarkable collection on aluminum and canvas.

Stacy O’Nell




Blue Gallery 616, Delray Beach Florida