Red Head

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Red Head was born in Jaffa, Israel in 1966. Growing up around Tel Aviv, Red Head was painting from an early age amongst the art scene and was inspired by many artists all around him. His dynamic paintings are abstract in nature, yet have a lot of rhythm and movement throughout the composition. He is a master of merging colors together in a way that creates a seamless balance where the viewer can feel the movement of the painting. The medium of Red Head’s paintings is a combination of techniques from brush paint to dripping and splatter, all while creating a symmetry between the warm and cold color blend. Each painting pulls the observer in to experience the energy and vivacity of the piece. Red Head’s goal is to invite the viewer of his paintings into his world of abstraction and get lost in the symphony of color and space. His current collection, “The Galaxy Series” is featured in many private collections across the USA and Europe and is currently being exhibited at Blue Gallery.

Red Head




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