Patrick Pease

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Patrick Pease, born 1961, was raised in the Midwest in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. In his high school woodworking class, Patrick discovered he had a talent for making small pieces of furniture and accessories.  He stood out in his craftsmanship and in 1978 got a part-time job at a high-end Design company in Northbrook, IL.  This rising company focused on acrylic fabrication and the design of a variety of furniture, display fixtures and sculptures. Patrick had found his niche. By the age of 21, he was head of manufacturing. Carmichael Designs was sold and in 1983, Patrick and the previous owner began a fresh partnership. They opened a new Design Studio in Palm Springs, CA and it became a huge success.

This latest journey led Patrick to a distinguished career and a path to endless creations in a new contemporary playground. The prominent clientele loved this new and fresh medium of acrylic furnishings, vanity benches, artwork and framing. Patrick, drawn to the creative possibilities of acrylic fabrication, started producing art pedestals to display the sculptures he created.

Eventually Patrick married, had 3 children and in 1995, moved back to the Midwest to raise his family. There he opened his own company, Pease Plastics Inc., again specializing in a variety of acrylic creations. Patrick showcased his spectacularly colored sculptures at New York Art Expo and Art 21 in Las Vegas. For many years, Pease Plastics produced for other artists and galleries throughout the country and became one of the most recognized acrylic and display manufacturers in the Midwest. 

In 2013, Patrick decided it was time to retire and sold his Midwest business. It didn’t take long for him to start missing his artistic and innovative side, so he is again creating acrylic sculptures andpedestals for selected galleries only. Even after 40 years, Patrick truly enjoys making one-of-a-kind pieces of art! 

Patrick Pease




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