Murray Weinstein

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Like Mondrian, Weinstein’s paintings are not composed of perfectly flat panes of color, as one might expect. Brush strokes are evident throughout, even though they are subtle. Typical of this style is his painting “Sunrise Sunset.” One of the most minimal of Weinstein’s canvases, this painting only consists of red, yellow and, orange perpendicular lines in triangular form. The lines extend all the way to the edges of the canvas, giving the feeling that the painting reaches into infinity.

Weinstein’s seemingly simplified paintings are brought down to the most basic elements in order to reveal the essence of balance, symmetry, and harmony. He constructs lines and color combinations on a flat pane in order to express general beauty with unfettered awareness, but not always with calculation. He is led by his own intuition, which is channeled and controlled by an innate rhythm. Weinstein creates forms of the esthetic, supplemented if necessary by other direct lines, in which they become a work of art, as vivid as it is real.

Color and art has always been a vivid part of my life. As a retiredprinting company executive, my whole career has been observing the profound effect the artistic process has on an individual’s perspective on life. This has been strengthened by my numerous experiences with leading artists, and art directors working with New York City advertising agencies, the toughest critics in the world. I have seen the emergence, and embraced the importance of the Pantone Matching System and the creation of thousands of uses of color on the printed sheet and the subtle emotional reactions to incremental change.

At this point in my life, I am driven to personally explore the art of painting and creating. All the works that I have created until now are based on what I call “compatible contrasting color”, informed by my long experience with Pantone matching. Murray Weinstein’s vision for his art is clearly demonstrated in the mutation of his artistic styles from traditional representation to total hard-edge geometric abstraction. The trained eye will note the obvious – that Weinstein is greatly influenced inspired by Piet Mondrian, Gerhard Richter, and Peter Max.

Murray Weinstein




Blue Gallery 616, Delray Beach Florida