Lenner Gogli

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The floral wilderness of Lenner Gogli’s paintings evoke the intimate side of nature. She captures the abstract emotions we sometimes feel looking at a rose, a petal or a patch of wilderness. It is these feelings, combined with the power of color and texture, that make her paintings as profound as they are beautiful.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1964, Gogli attended the High School of Art in Budapest, as well as the School of Wood Sculpting before enrolling as a student in the Obada University. After graduation, Gogli then taught art at the university for three years before moving to Israel in 1995 and attending the Avni School of Art. Today, she lives in Tel-Aviv.

As a child, Gogli loved to paint, beginning at the age of four, and she has been painting ever since. When she came to Israel she says everything changed in terms of her painting. Her imagery became much more abstract and then later on she incorporated the realistic flowers on abstract surfaces for which she is so well known.

Her new “Silhouette Series” of paintings evoke a striking modern form by combining collage with painting on hard surfaces of metal and wood. These contemporary, abstract forms of fashionable women are her latest style in Feminine Noveau. Gogli says, “One solution to holding onto the beauty is to paint it. In paintings it stays with us for a lifetime.”

In her quest to perpetuate beauty through art form, Gogli is multi-faceted in that she paints in a realistic style, in an abstract style; as well as a style that borders on Cubism where the viewer makes their own interpretation. Gogli, indeed, is true to her word in her pursuit of perpetuating beauty that touches the senses.

Lenner Gogli




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