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A young rising star has been found at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel.  Benda was born in Jerusalem in 1994, and since a young age, he has been painting, sculpting, and creating.  After his military service in Israel, Benda worked as an assistant for the master 3D artist – Joel Amit, whose laser-cut metal sculptures are individual masterpieces.

Meanwhile Benda’s passion for materials and creating brought him to start his studies of Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.  During that time, Benda found interest in a new modern pop art style that presents challenges to the traditions of fine art by reinventing well-known imagery from popular and mass culture.

Benda is a contemporary pop Art 3D artist.  His technique of merging layers of metal together is an absolute thrill to the eyes.  Each of Benda’s pieces is unique, formed by 10 to 20 layers of metal parts. The final composition is a highly constructed piece created by Benda’s 3D level technique.

He manages to foster creative thinking and new innovative ideas, taking iconic subjects and bringing them to life in the form of imaginative metal sculptures.  For the last several years, Benda has dedicated himself to developing his 3D level technique, and succeeds in putting together outstanding, professional works.

He wants to create a new point of view for today’s new art society.  By fusing colorful metal pieces through hidden layers, he’s challenging the eye of humanity.  Benda seeks to take pop art beyond an artistic style to a lifestyle.





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