Stacy O’Nell was born in 1972 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Due to her father’s career in the Air Force she did not stay in New Mexico for very long.  At a young age, Stacy embarked on the journey of a lifetime that consisted of traveling around the world with her family.

Calling home to places such as Panama, Okinawa, Japan, as well as cities all over the US, Stacy finally landed in South Florida a few years ago and has made a home for herself in Delray Beach.

Having no formal training in photography, Stacy could be considered a true natural.  As a child she loved to take pictures of the different places she traveled to, and after being in the air force herself and experimenting in different careers, she finally found her calling as a photographer.  Always looking back to the amazing images that Stacy preserved as a childhood photographer, her love of looking through the lens has advanced her to a rewarding career in photo-journalistic and art photography today. 

Some believe in love at first sight and for photographer Stacy O’Nell, this mantra was discovered after her first look at underwater photography.  Right in front of her eyes, Stacy’s search for her true passion in life was revealed.  Inspired by the images she had seen, Stacy did some research and combined it with her knowledge and experience as a self-taught photographer and started to create some of the most magical, mystical and unique underwater photography being created today.  “Each time I shoot underwater I feel so free and alive” she says. “It’s like being in another world and I feel like there are no limits, I am creating art every time.” 

In addition to Stacy’s artistic images, she has been hired to take photos of many celebrities, fitness stars as well as some of the Bravo TV Housewives.  In 2012, Stacy won “Photographer of the Year” from Women in the Arts in Miami.  Stacy O’Nell’s art photography is featured exclusively at Blue Gallery and can be seen at one of Blue Gallery’s South Florida locations.