brett-bio Having finished a degree in Law, Brett took hold of his vocation and began drawing and painting in 1998. Winning numerous awards and on the encouragement of his friends Brett decided to extend his artistic pursuits in Europe. A year in Siena, Italy was followed by numerous international exhibitions including Singapore, Germany, New York, and Romero Britto’s gallery in Miami, Florida. Returning to Australia, Brett continued to develop his vision and artistic creations with passion, energy and commitment resulting in the opening of the Lethbridge Gallery in May 2004. He exhibits in Sydney, Melbourne and internationally, and has regular showings of new creations at his own gallery in Brisbane. The gallery has proved very popular as a home for Lethbridge’s newest paintings, and to provide a space in which other artists and art lovers can share the creative world.

Red Drape paintings:

For Brett Lethbridge, the Red Drape painting series is a love letter to his wife, Olivia. He first met her in Siena, Italy where they were both spending some time. After returning to their respective homes they began a 5 year long distance relationship and it was through this period Brett first started painting the Loveknot series, which he sees as a theme that represented the fiery emotions of love and passion, but patience and endurance as well. Once she came to live with him in Australia, the Red Drape theme unfurled and he started painting the subject flying in the wind, exploring the sensuous shapes and curves of a simple piece of fabric caught by a rising wind. The pieces often feature beautiful cloud forms in the background, often with the sun breaking through and making the clouds glow with a silver lining.

The Perfume paintings:

During this 5 year waiting period, Brett would regularly travel to Europe to visit Olivia and each time he would buy her a new and different perfume as a gift and reminder of the rendezvous. Seeing the collection of these bottles together it struck him as a powerful reminder of this period of their lives, and the nostalgia and powerful memories evoked by each scent. The compositions also echoed one his favorite Italian painters, Georgio Morandi, whose work Brett had discovered and admired while living in Italy where he was moved by that painters quiet powerful compositions.